The Dorset Safeguarding Children Board is made up of representatives from statutory, voluntary and community organisations/services and meets regularly to agree and oversee the effectiveness of agencies working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in Dorset.


Our aim is to develop excellence in the way we carry out our business, leading to a clearer strategy, more participation and better decision making.

We work to promote good working practices in three key areas:

  • To safeguard all children to ensure they grow up in a safe environment with people who protect and care for them
  • To work proactively to protect particularly vulnerable children
  • To work responsively to protect children who are suffering, or are at risk of suffering harm


The DSCB has two main objectives:

  • To co-ordinate local work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
  • To ensure the effectiveness of that work

We do this by:

  • developing policies and procedures
  • participating in planning of services
  • communicating and raising awareness
  • monitoring and evaluating effectiveness
  • ensuring a co-ordinating response to unexpected deaths
  • undertaking Serious Case Reviews

Whilst the DSCB has a role in co-ordinating and ensuring the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements in Dorset, it is not accountable for their operational work. Each partner agency retains their own existing lines of accountability for safeguarding services provision.

Chairing and sub-groups

The DSCB is independently chaired to ensure that the DSCB can:

  • form a view of the quality of local activity;
  • challenge organisations as necessary; and
  • speak with an independent voice.

The Board and its sub groups play a key role in raising awareness across the county about safeguarding children and young people from harm.

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